Charles Harwood OB

Today I worked with a midwife at the Charles Harwood Prenatal Clinic. We had a busy day with five check ups and one new pregnancy. With the check ups I shadowed the midwife while she gathered information regarding the pregnant woman’s physical and emotional condition. I had the opportunity to palpate the position of the fetus and auscultate the fetal heart rate. The new pregnancy gave me the opportunity to see the full examination process such as visualizing the cervix and taking a pap smear. It was exciting for me to see women of all gestational stages as well as learn about how their culture plays a role in their pregnancy. Being with a midwife gave me a new perspective on the birthing process. The midwife is a strong advocate for the woman and baby- taking the time to make the pregnancy individualized. Further, the midwife strongly preferred natural home births and allowed the woman control over her birthing experience. She emphasized eating healthy to support the baby’s growth and how breast feeding is special gift that only mothers can give to their babies. Before this experience I thought midwifes only coached women through the process of birthing. Today I learned a midwife is there from the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy to support her throughout her entire pregnancy.  From this experience, I think that utilizing a midwife’s training and expertise is a great service for the pregnant women of St. Croix. Today was an amazing day and I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn about midwifery and prenatal care.

-Cecelia Ferguson

Charles Harwood Cece




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